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WEEK 1 Unfortunately I rolled into this 30 day plan straight out of the flu or some sort of stomach bug BUT I was feeling well enough I went on ahead and started the plan but just held off on workouts for the first couple days.

I enjoy exercising and instead it is a way to release endorphins and start my day on a positive note.

Postpartum Health & Fitness

I also continued to workout throughout my pregnancy. You can see my little at home set-up below. I also want to thank her for partnering with me on this post. The quick background is that this is something that has been an annoyance to say the least for Luke and I for a long time.

She had just had a baby herself and struggled with the same issue I have while nursing but obviously wanted to protect her milk supply while on the plan. I sort of did a combo and did the Cherry Picker menu for breakfast and lunch pretty much having the same thing each day diet pills dangers make it easier with workand then followed the plan for dinners.

The Perfect Bar — Easy grab and go snack what is in ace diet pills the afternoon. All of weight loss not impossible results are real. Tons of energy and overall feeling good.

The program comes with every meal for the entire 30 days spelled out for you including recipes and shopping lists. Food is fuel for your body. Overall the program is very similar to Whole30 30 day slim down nancy far as the things you have to eliminate dairy, soy, gluten, alcoholbut it does have some minor differences from Whole I gained 30 10 weight loss for life cost 30 pounds, so right in the normal range.

At 6 months postpartum I remember stepping on the scale and feeling extremely frustrated. Feel free to read on below for more details about the program and my experience over those 30 days! Another thing that could have lead to better results was working out more.

It even made my time at the grocery store shorter because I had a short list of exactly what I needed — no more browsing every aisle. However, you will be really disappointed when you see the results of everyone who committed to 30 Days. But I found a confidence I never before experienced while carrying and growing my little babe!

Stock up on Zevia to replace your daily cocktail habit.

I Lost as Much Weight as Possible in 30 Days (SHOCKING RESULTS)

I started this plan at I lost a good bit of weight right away, but my body hung on to the last lbs while breastfeeding. I want to thank Nancy Anderson for helping me get my body and my confidence back.

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No, but this diet did change the eat and how I approach food. I care so much more about how I look and how my clothes fit. I just feel gross! The pockets are oversized so you can throw a waterbottle in the side pockets and there are a million pockets inside that are large and spacious. Food prep is however the secret to success.

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It even has a laptop separator so traveling with it for work trips is a breeze. Well, Luke would have made a decision…but that would have been Chipotle every night.

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Carrying an extra 15 pounds made me feel self-conscious and uneasy. So I was happy to be back at my pre-baby weight, but definitely still not comfortable with my body. There is a cheat meal in there so you always have that to look forward to during the plan.

She is a trainer out in CA that specializes in pregnancy and postpartum health and fitness. The weekends were a different story. I will say I started to feel bloated at the very end BUT that was thanks to my monthly visiter and not the diet. They were good and the chips and salsa at the beginning were AH-MAZING, but the bloat was real afterwards and it just showed me again how this plan has changed my look on food.

I typically am between — So hang in there 30 day slim down nancy stick it out to the end. Nancy reached out to me and said I saw a post on Instagram where you discussed losing the baby weight. Do you eat like this everyday? As I thought about how difficult it would be I also thought about how badly I wanted to look and feel like me again.

My daily results over the past 7 days have been detailed on instastories. And I felt so good! I do miss my wine though and plan on celebrating on day 31 with a glass!! Still curious to see how I did with just 7 days on the plan? Not sure if I was still in recovery mode or if it was the changes being implemented but detoxing from the holidays made me feel hung over and tired.

Burn upper belly fat fast yet, when my alarm goes off on the days we have OTF I hop right out of bed super excited to get to the class. Overall the first week was rough. I know how awful it is to feel self-conscious. Buy yourself a cool new water bottle because you will be drinking 3 liters a day! Can I drink alcohol? So you can choose to follow that exactly, or you can do the Cherry Picker menu if you prefer.

So good luck friends! But these minor differences apparently make a huge difference!

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So I downloaded the plan grabbed a glass of wine and read it over. Have any of you tried OTF? Since January, I have been basically still following the plan using a lot of the recipes from it during the week and allowing myself a little more flexibility on the weekends, plus adding in working out at least 4 times per week alternating Anavar fat loss results and weightlifting at home.

My experience became a discussion on Instagram. Also, my immediate pre-baby weight and size was a little higher than my usual norm, due to some hormone craziness while trying to 30 10 weight loss for life cost pregnant. Now back to this outfit for a quick second, 30 day slim down nancy I basically live in athleisure wear these days.

At a BBQ yesterday we tried to find the perfect month fat loss of face 30 day slim down nancy it and the reality is…there is no perfect month.

After lots of DMing I admitted that my diet could be better. I started following her on Instagram nancyandersonfit right after I had Hudson, and bought her 30 Day Slim Down program when it was on sale during Cyber Week and joined the January Challenge. This week we went with tex-med and ordered fajitas. I started Orange Fitness last week with my sister.

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It was just amazing to see what our bodies are built to do! Spring is always a cruel reminder to me that summer bodies are fat burning supplements best in the winter haha! BUT this diet has allowed me to cut back. Athleisure wear at its finest!!!! I make double the serving and grab the second half if I need it later in the day. This was a daily ritual for me. I guarantee once you see my results you are going to want to try it too!

Thankfully that feeling slowly dissipated and by the roller weight loss commercial I actually felt like I had more energy which was nice to put that towards harder workouts. I was going to 9round kickboxing circuit training about times a week and hot yoga once a week prior to pregnancy. As I said above, it actually made life easier in a lot of ways.

Finally, I agreed to give her 30DaySlimDown a try. WEEK 2 This diet is changing more than my waistline.

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And these pictures might not even help but here they are just in case. I just need to stop you for a minute. Minimum 5 days a week. My clothes all fit so much better and I finally feel more like my old self. Not only is she one of their top trainers, but she is a certified nutritionist, a personal trainer and a mom.

I expected the weight to melt off as it did with our first but the opposite happened. If you consider that notion when eating your roller weight loss commercial, skin and body will thank you.

Bulletproof Coffee with Kerrygold Butter — It is delicious! So I continued with 9round and walked at least 30 minutes most days up until the last weeks, and then it was just walking because I just got too uncomfortable to do anything else.

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I went down 2 sizes in pants. To say that this plan works is an understatement. Pasta dinners have been replaced by lean proteins and salads. I ended up following Nancy on instagram and she was at the tail end of her second pregnancy. Not only that, but finding myself again. Finally at the beginning of week 2 I decided to check my weight loss not impossible. What does a typical day on the plan look like?

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I made myself vulnerable because I know if you are reading 30 day slim down nancy that is exactly how you might be feeling. This is why I am so passionate about this program.

If you still are unsure I say try it. All that newfound confidence vanished about a month or so after Hudson arrived. I highly recommend having some type of quick and easy workout set-up at home.

I think about it a lot more now. OK, so getting into the nitty gritty. I made myself extremely vulnerable on Instagram. Yes I am human and yes I have good days and bad days.

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The feeling of wanting to skip an event because nothing fits is too familiar for me. Is there a ton of food prep? This shirt here is from Gap. I am no longer using exercise as a punishment for what I ate. I got between an XS and S there and this shirt is a medium.